Choke me

She was on her knees begging for his cock, just like he told her to. She did whatever he fucking wanted and got her ass spanked red as blood when she disobeyed. Sometimes she purposely disobeyed so she could feel his hand smack the fuck out of her ass, both cheeks red and sore and throbbing. His cock was throbbing in his hand, his precum dripping out right in front of her. She tongued the air and begged all the more for it, craving the cum in his huge balls. “Fucking bitch, beg for my cum like a fucking slut!” She panted and gasped, the thought of his cum shooting down her throat making her pussy even wetter, her hunger for his cock raging inside her. “Mmmmmmmm fuck yeah baby gimme that fucking cock, you know I fucking want it,” she said, purring and panting, eager and willing for anything he wanted to give her. He thrust his raging hard cock at her open mouth and rubbed the head around and around on her outstretched tongue. The look on her face made him want to shoot his load right then but he held back and enjoyed the scene she was giving him. He let her lick at the head of his dick then he pulled back, teasing her into madness. “FUCK!” she yelled, knowing he wanted her to show him how fucking bad she craved him, “fucking goddamn you, gimme that motherfucking hard ass cock, fucking feed me your fucking cum!” Her filthy fucking mouth excited him all the more and he couldn’t help but give her what she now was demanding. But instead of merely feeding her he grabbed her hair with his free hand and shoved his cock in her mouth, making her gag and choke. “Fucking swallow my cock, bitch!” he told her, and she did as she was told, taking the entire length down her throat all the way to his fucking balls, the tip of her nose pressed against his groin. He held her there until her face turned red, pinching her nose shut so she couldn’t fucking breathe, his cock rammed straight down her throat, her spit drooling out of her mouth and hanging off her chin and his balls. He finally released her, yanking her head off his dick, her spit exploding out of her mouth. She was hungry as fuck for his cock and cum and lapped up her spit, gasping for air and feeling her pussy juices running down her legs. “Mmmmm fuck I love your fucking cock choking me,” she said, looking up at him, her expression clear that she wanted more of the same…



No Fucking Limits

She lays across the bed, her pussy fiery red, her mouth hungry for cock and cum, the lust inside her evident in her eyes, she craves the suck, craves the fuck, wants and needs all she can get, yearns to be devoured, won’t stop til her lust is filled with the heat that makes her pussy wet and her horny little clit a nub of fire that sets her orgasm into eruption when it’s licked and fingered and fucked hard from behind, hair fisted and her ass smacked red and raw, making her cry out for more, wanting no fucking limits, just yelling Fucking give it to me!, Fuck me like a slut needs to be fucked!, and she is fucked over and over and through and through, the fucking bed about to break, her lust for that cock inside her driving her insane for more more more fucking fucking more….

It’s about sweet FUCK all really!! — Sensuality, Sex & Something else

She fucking nails the FUCK out of FUCK.


This is another of those blog posts that has been going around in my batshit crazy head for a while just dying to get out so I figured, what the fuck, I have nothing better to do tonight beside mess around with Bob so why not let the words flow!! And that is exactly what this […]

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