Watching Her

She spreads herself
For me
Her fingers splaying
Open her wet
Pussy lips
She shows me
Her clit
Her ravenous insides
She gets off
On me
Watching her
My cock in my hand
So much fucking
As she
Plays and teases
Her sweet wet pussy
Her raging pink clit
Just for me
As she
Arches her back
And moans
Her tongue
Licking the air
Hungry for my cock
My fucking cum
But I keep jerking my dick
Faster now
And she finger fucks
Her pussy faster too
Bucking her wild hips
Her three fingers now four
Deep inside her
She fucks herself
Cries out
Like a fucking
Banshee in animal heat
She growls like a she-wolf
As I jerk off so crazy
Wanting her to cum
Before I explode
She screams
Then her pussy juices
Soak her fingers
As she explodes her cum
For me
My cum shooting all over
My hand
And I already
Crave more of the same

Fuck Her

Fuck her

Fuck her and ram her

She wants her pussy fucked

So fuck it and ram it

She wants it like a slut

She says

Fuck me like a fucking slut

I’m your filthy fuck slut

With a filthy fucking mouth

Ram my pussy hard

You wanna own my pussy

So fucking own it

With that hard cock of yours

Own my cunt

Own my goddamn ass

Take me down

Pin me to the bed

Fuck me hard, harder

Fast, faster

I need your cock

I’m a fucking animal

A bitch in dirty heat

Fuck this bitch’s pussy

Make me your prey

Eat the fire inside me

Suck my clit and bite me

My pussy is yours to own

My clit is fiery and red

Spank my ass and taste me

Lick my pussy when I cum

My juices belong in your mouth

Fuck my cunt with your tongue

Smell the lust I have for you

Then cum deep inside my ass

You know you crave me

You fucking can’t get enough

Fuck this bitch into madness…

Fuck Her Ass

Look at her ass

So round and plump

So ready to be

Spanked and fucked

She gets on all fours

Shoves her ass high

Begs for a spanking

Begs for cock

Wants her ass







She says

Fuck my ass

Spank my ass

Whip my ass

Smack my ass

Fuck me harder

I want cock

Deep in my fucking


So fuck me in the ass

Fuck my pussy

Fuck my throat

Fuck all my holes

I’m your filthy slut

My ass is yours

To fuck and fuck and fuck

So fuck it

Fuck it

Fuck it

Pussy Fire

I wanna eat her pussy

I wanna taste her juices

She moans and spreads her lips

Tells me her pussy needs my tongue

I lick her clit and finger her ass

Her hips buck and she fucks my mouth

With her fiery wet pussy

She feeds me her fire

Deep inside her

I lick and suck

Eating her orgasm

As her pussy gushes and squirts

My tongue lapping at her clit

Tasting her sweet fucking pussy fire

Filthy Girl

When she fucks
She is the aggressor
She ravages cock
Devours cum
Like a fucking animal
Like a fucking predator
She is filthy and voracious
Dirty and nasty
She spews her filth
When her ass gets fucked
Spitting and hissing her lust
For dick and cum
She wants three cocks or four
The more cock the better, she says
And she gets what she fucking wants





Fucking, foreplay, and heteronormativity

Carmen Ali

The other day I posted on my blog about fucking a 20 year old (guy), with the caveat that I had done it before, but only with two other people in my lifetime. A woman I slept with a few times at University commented ‘weren’t we 19 when we met?’ And it drew attention to the fact that I only count men in my ‘number’.

I have a list on my phone simply named as ‘fuck list’ – we all have a list, right? With a symbol next to the ones that were good? My list is only guys who have put their dick inside me. But what about women? Why don’t I count them? Perhaps because the word ‘fuck’ sounds a bit rough, or violent. It evokes the action of penetrating. It’s not a word you associate with going down on a woman. In fact I just found out that…

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